Infant Development

Infant Rooms: Age 3 Weeks – 6 Month

Mobile Infants: 7 Months – 16 Months

Infants deserve our tender loving care and their needs met on demand.  In our Precious Lambs nursery, the care givers devote time and attention to each infant to provide safe, nurturing and stimulating activities throughout the day, soft music, soft toys, and brilliant colors for stimulation.   The parent receives a daily report to stay connected with the daily growth and development of their infant.  Our nurseries observe an open door policy and parents are welcome anytime.  Each infant not yet mobile receives tummy time several times a day and lots of cuddling which helps the infant feel secure in their environment.  Care givers spend time each day helping the infant become mobile by exercising their arms and legs, helping them turn from stomach to back and back to stomach.

Our nurturing environment promotes emotional development, language development and cognitive development.



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