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Guiding Children

Guiding Children
Cornerstone -Precious Lambs believe in a strong foundational structure of loving guidance through these critical formative years. Each child is unique and deserves the best we can give them. Each program is chosen and developed to enhance learning, guide children through language and math concepts, social interaction, gross and fine motor skills development and exploration of the world around them. We believe in the Biblical structure of the family and work with the family and church community to promote and maintain a high standard of child development and academic excellence.

Cornerstone Preschools are dedicated to bringing all students to their highest potential. Our Caring and Supportive staff are grounded in their faith, trained and most importantly, centered in love and committed to Jesus Christ

Mission & Values

Cornerstone-Precious Lambs is very careful about the Christian Culture presented to the students and the community. As a Company and Ministry, our reliance on the Word of God for guidance and instruction is key to our successful program, staff development and leadership standards. We present our materials to the students in the same manner. Cornerstone Academies believe that each child is a blessing from God and we are most thankful that you have chosen us to be blessed by your child.

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